Campus: Chattanooga Athens Cleveland
Time Required: 20 Hours/Week

A big part of any ministry is how we do what we do. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes to enable the mission and vision of the house to go forward. This internship opportunity will enable you to be a part of the processes that enable ministries to work together efficiently, while creating original tools and improving current ones. You will get to see and participate in database management, ministry solutions, conference logistics, communications, training, and empowerment of others to carry out their ministry goals. This internship is a Sunday - Thursday week, with occasional Saturday participation in training or church wide events.

General Responsibilities:
• Solutions/Tool building for ministries and church operations Database Management/Database Integrity
• Logistical planning for conferences and major church events
• Communications editing (web, app, and email)
• Training and continual learning of new tools and solutions Future proofing organizational operations

• Laptop computer
• Moderate office applications knowledge [Mac, PC, and G-Suite] (Document creation, spreadsheets, basic presentation design)
• Content creation and editing skills
• Project management experience
• Self-motivated/self-challenging
• Ability to pivot frequently and learn new tools/applications
• Ability to work on goals (both personal and organizationally) with deadlines and feedback
• Naturally have a strong sense of purpose, as well as the ability to align with the vision of the house
• Ability to work with people, especially one-on-one, in answering questions/ registration/training
• Moderate to high communication skills and ability to operate at a professional level

Bonus to have:
• Programming exposure/experience in HTML, SQL, CSS, and/or Lava
• Previous database/management system experience
• Ministry experience in a spirit-led, data-informed, dynamic environment
• BiLingual (Spanish and English)
• High EQ

Campus: Chattanooga Athens Cleveland
Time Required: 20 Hours/Week